Technology is moving faster than before and accordingly the job market. Jobs that exist today will not remain in next five years. Employers demand and expectations are continuously changing. Industries in India are claiming a big gap between education and what Industry demands. In India Engineering colleges are shutting down and unemployment is on rise. However on other hand Industries are crying for not getting the right candidate. Technologies like Digitalisation, Machine Learning, Robotics, and IOT all are heading forward to take over the conventional manufacturing processes. If Institutes and students are unable to foresee and adapt the changes it will be difficult for them to survive. The latest outcome of WOI research was Industry 4.0 and Management and recommending FOM University to launch Pathway Masters Program in India.

The newly started research division at WOI will guide students and education fraternities as below –

For Students :

  • To identify which University is Industry Linked and which professions will be demand in domestic as well as International market.
  • To assist students for internships and job placement.

For Industries :

WOI are set to be pioneers in “Make to Order Work force” program. This will be achieved after understanding Employers demand and their expectations from new employee in regards to technology and soft skills he need to adapt. Knowing this it will be informed to Universities which they can implement and empower the student to make him job ready.

WOI will be publishing various reports on new trends and innovations in Technology, Global and Domestic Job Perspective. Universities that has started new programs. These will be published through our Blogs. Experts in Human resources are also welcome to share their views.