Morocco is among the most developed country in Africa . Situated at North Eastern part of Africa , Morocco has also grown as most favourite tourist destination in Africa . Not just limiting to Moorish Architecture that originates , Morocco has ample and unique architecture sights . The Grand Mohammed Mosque at Casablanca , Mausoleum at Rabat , Blue city of Chefchaouen, Medinas at Marrakesh , Grand Riads and Kasbahs , Artistic madrassas makes Morocco a country that must be visited by Architects and Architectural students. 

Having proximity to Europe we see European influence in cities particularly Rabat and Casablanca . At many places one can observe infrastructure development as similar to European cities like France and Spain .

Excellent road and rail network, big boulevards , open spaces and beautifully crafted landscape certainly gives a vow factor . Colorful Morocco has footprints of Arabic and Berber culture . Morocco is also popular for its world famous Tanjin and Kababs.

École_nationale_d'architecture ( ENA ) , Morocco

The ENA is a large public educational institution for architecture . It is placed under the supervision of the Ministry delegated to the Prime Minister in charge of housing and town planning . Since its creation in 1980 in Rabat , the ENA has provided training for more than 1,700 architects spread across the national territory.

Global Fellowship Program

This is collaborative program between ENA ( Rabat ) and Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture ( BNCA) BNCA is United Nations Academic Impact HUB for India and organised around 12 workshops and projects in past seven years in Kenya, Jamaica, Hungary, Bosnia , Tanzania, Slovenia and Morocco . Students will be awarded certificate of participation by United Nations Academic Impact that will add great value to their CV.

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