What are Pathway Programs ?

  • Pathway programs is acquiring international Bachelor or
    Masters degree with part education in India and part at host
    foreign university granting final degree
  • As per cooperation agreement between Universities/institutes,
    students may study first two semesters in India and final 2
    semesters in foreign host university campus.
  • The whole curriculum of program is set by foreign host
  •  Part of curriculum set by host foreign university is delivered by
    faculties of partner institute in India.
  •  Assessments are conducted as per host foreign university.
  • Final degree is awarded by foreign host university.

Benefits Of Pathway Program To Students

  1. 1- 30-50% Savings in International education budgetStudents save almost 1 year expenses on accomodation, meals, insurance, and travel expenses that are incurred during foreign stay.
    Through these pathway programs students also get substantial benefit in tution fees.
  2. Pathway Programs are categorically selected that have better job market.

Benefits To Academic Partners In India

  1. Commencing pathway programs will help in change of academic ideas between partnering University / Institutes.
  2. Faculty exchange between partnering Universities.
  3. Partnering Universities / Institutes in India will get exposure to blended learning.

WOI is official representative in India of FOM University of Applied Sciences Germany


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