Did you know Erasmus system was incorporated by European Union as a part of demand from Employers in Europe?

70% of Corporate and Multinational industries demanded that students seeking employment should have Global exposure
that  will enhance academic, personal, and intra cultural skills.

In India, the trend is Institutes organises “study trip “with only objective of one Industry visit and University campus tour.
Eventually this so called study trip finally ends up as a leisure trip or fun trip.

However, now the trend is changing and considering the quantum of expenditure students and their parents has to spend, they are more
concerned about academic enrichment, a real International university experience and certification that will add value to their CV’s..

Understanding and respecting this trend and expectations of students and their parents, WOI promotes Global Outreach Programs that will be
worth experience for student’s academic career.

Global Outreach Programs of WOI are essentially International University run programs that include :

  1. Lecture sessions of experienced faculty from that field
  2. Hands on Workshop or Studio
  3. Lab Experiments
  4. Interaction with Local students of Foreign University
  5. Industry visits
  6. Lecture session of Industry experts and Start up Entrepreneurs.
  7. Cultural Immersion

After the University program is over students has option to spend few more days to visit various attractions and explore the country.

On successful completion of the program students are awarded certification with appropriate credits. These certificates add value if students are pursuing
admission for higher studies and also recognised by Employers during selection process.

WOI is in process of educating and transforming education stakeholders in India to move from traditional Study Trips to “objective driven Global Outreach Programs“.


An enthusiastic artist visiting France will sit across the banks of River Seine will pull out pencil, paper and start sketching beautiful scene. What is the point if he takes a picture on mobile and draws after he returns home? As per effective pedagogy any academic knowledge gained by just visiting places has no meaning. A local guide in Barcelona may give good information of Sagrada Familia history and about Gaudi but he cannot explain the complexity of Architecture involved in design and construction of Sagrada Familia. An Architecture faculty from Barcelona University can explain more and will be able to give more insights to students. This can be followed by lecture session of faculty with a small studio resulting reproduction of knowledge what is gained after the visit. Understanding the field of architecture, WOI identified certain destinations and Universities which are reputed and have specific significance. For Urban design WOI selected Barcelona as destination. Milan for Design, Bali for Landscape, Morocco for sustainable architecture, Singapore for Smart Cities and UK for Digital Architecture.


Most of Institutes in India demand Singapore as destination for so called study tours which will include Industry visits, port visits etc. But question arises are there any big and renowned Industries in Singapore. Is it worth to take students to Tiger Brewery Tour which is actually a Museum and claim it as Industry visit? Port visit is strictly restricted and passing around the port cannot be an official port visit. Singapore is certainly a good destination for students of Hospitality. On the other hand Malaysia has lot of Industries & Universities that are ranked in top 200 world ranking.

WOI outreach programs are designed so that students get a comprehensive knowledge of different economics for example Malaysia for Asean Economy, Program in Dubai that will cover GCC economy and Islamic Finance, Germany as destination for engineering and China as world’s second largest economy .

Apart from Academic inputs, our programs also support students to understand post graduation studies and job opportunities that exist in the countries they visit.