In today’s world, students can get quick and comprehensive information from Internet. Traditional recruitment agents will present brochures of around 50-60 Universities. With too many options and information gathered, students along with parents get confused on which country and University to select. Unlike this traditional way , WOI will first understand passion and interest of student , academic background, Education budget they can afford , scholarship options , midterm goals in regards to job career and accordingly will suggest the right path.

Around 80% of students has aspiration to stay back in foreign country and pursue job that helps to reduce the burden of education loan. Understanding this aspirations and career plan of students, WOI accordingly suggest which stream he should pursue, which country has higher job demand and which University will suit best in terms of budget.

Furthermore after assisting in all compliances for University admission, WOI takes responsibility as Career Guardian to assist students to apply for scholarships, to look for internship and getting appropriate and decent job.

Did You Know :

  1. Universities across the Globe are ranked as per their overall performance.
  2. The highest ranking for Indian University is IIT (Mumbai), QS world ranking 152.
  3. One University in Malaysia is ranked 70 in the world ranking and there are additional 5 Universities in Malaysia which are among top 200 Universities in the world.
  4. Though Tuition is free in German Public research Universities getting admission in these Universities is very tough and one needs a strong academic record.
  5. Do you know that highest demand in International job market is for Sales personnel?.
  6. Software and IT Engineers , Electrical and Power Engineers , Agro food Technicians, Industry 4.0 , Graphic and Product design, Web designers , Interior Designers, Bio Informatics , Big Data , Wine Technicians , Chefs , Nurses , Doctors , School teachers , University Administrators , E-commerce
    specialist are among few that are also in huge demand across the Globe.
  7. Knowing additional foreign language is a big asset for student.
  8. In HR department of Multinational companies world ranking is prominent factor in selection. It means if you are degree holder from University that has higher ranking your probability in getting job is higher.

For guidance on career pathway do call our office or submit form and we will be glad to be your true Guardian in this process.